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What Is Critical Illness Insurance?

This type of insurance is sometimes included in general life insurance plans. This will vary depending on the agency, so make sure to find out what your policy covers when you are signing up. 

In general, critical illness coverage will be based upon the length of your insurance policy and the amount of money you make each month. Much like normal life insurance, this type of coverage will pay out a sum of money to you or your dependants if you fall critically ill and are unable to perform your normal work duties. The difference here is that life insurance is only paid out in the event of your death, while critical illness insurance can cover you while you are still living and recovering.

Who Should Purchase

Critical illness insurance could be beneficial for anybody! However, you may benefit more from this type of plan if:

  • You are the primary provider for your family.
  • You do not have enough saved to cover major illness and care bills.
  • Your job will not continue to pay you for extended medical leave.
  • You are older and run a higher risk of falling ill.

If you are at lower risk, it could still be helpful to purchase a critical illness plan. These plans can vary in price, and you may choose a smaller benefit if you do not think the plan will come into play in the near future.

Learn More

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