Find out how Belellano Insurance can assist your business in offering comprehensive and helpful insurance plans to your employees. Take care of the assets that matter most to you and create an environment that encourages health and wellness.

What are Group Benefits?

Group benefits, otherwise known as group health insurance, is simply the term given to the insurance plans that are offered by an employer to its employees. In many cases, the group insurance plans will have several options, and will be made available to employees who work full-time schedules. The plans that are made available are chosen by the employer, and the premium cost is generally divided between the employer and the employee. There is a minimum rate that employers are required to pay, but they may choose to cover higher rates depending on plan choice. Businesses that employ less than 50 full-time employees are not required to offer health insurance packages to their employees.

Group Insurance Coverage Options

The Affordable Care Act has set certain regulations for group benefits. The requirements for each state vary, but they must meet some national guidelines and rules as well. The required insurance plans and contribution rates all vary depending on the size of a business and the number of hours employees work regularly. If you would like to explore group insurance options or learn more about your requirements as a business owner, call Belellano Insurance now or stop by our El Centro office. Our knowledgeable staff would love to help you understand the necessary requirements.

Choosing the Right Plan as an Employee

As an employee, you may wonder if your employer’s group benefits are right for you. The options for healthcare and insurance are constantly changing, so it is important for you to explore your choices carefully when you are enrolling. Just because your employer offers group benefits doesn’t mean they will be the right fit for you. If you need help comparing the plans that are available to you as a California resident, get in touch with Belellano! We can help you find the right plan for your situation so that you and those you care about are covered.

What Benefits Should My Company Offer?

If you are offering group benefits to your employees, it is important to offer health insurance. Depending on your size and company status, you may be required to offer other benefits as well. It is also helpful to offer dental, vision, and life insurance to your employees, as they are the most sought-after services when choosing a new job. If you offer a comprehensive plan, it can encourage employee retention because they feel secure thanks to an excellent health benefits package.

If you are enacting a group coverage plan for your business, or you are wondering what health plan is right for you, look no further than Belellano Insurance. Our experts will find the right plans that are tailored specifically for your business or situation. We want to make sure our El Centro community is always taken care of, and receives the best possible health care at all times. Call now!