Everybody needs health insurance, and if you are struggling to afford your individual plan, Medicare may be the perfect fit for you. There can be an overwhelming amount of plans, forms, and information you receive when you are applying for Medicare in California, so we have broken down some quick tips and questions here.

Which Plan is Best for Me?

It is hard to say which plan will be the best for you since each person and situation is different. When you work with Belellano, we will discuss your requirements, and help you find the perfect plan that is affordable for you and covers all of your needs.

Am I Automatically Enrolled?

Unless you are already enrolled in Social Security benefits, you must follow the processes and apply for Medicare. The enrollment process can take a few hours, so be sure to budget enough time. You will want to carefully and thoroughly read through all the content and information to make sure you understand your coverage.

Can I Have Covered California Too?

If you have a Covered California plan, you must cancel it once you are eligible to receive Medicare. You cannot have both services at once, so you will need to notify Covered California right away to cancel your plan once you begin receiving Medicare benefits.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for Medicare, simply follow the steps on the Medicare website. When you need more help to work through the information, understand the process, or choose the correct plan for yourself and your family, get in touch with Belellano Insurance. Our experienced and friendly El Centro team is here to make sure that you and all of our community members receive the care they need.